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We recently had a company contact us after finding DocBoss online by searching for “VDR.”

The vendor document requirements (VDR) or vendor document requirements list (VDRL) is often the starting point for many projects. Your customer sends you a list of documents that are required as part of the project contract.

In typical fashion, your customer will provide a VDRL especially on larger projects. This is the core document-related contract between customer and supplier identifying the types of document to supply, delivery timelines, and databook requirements.

Note that while we use the term Vendor Document Requirements, this list goes by many names:

  • Supplier Document Requirements (SDR)
  • Seller Data and Drawing Requirements (SDDR)
  • Vendor Data and Document Requirements (VDDR)
  • Supplier Document Requirement List (SDRL)

You may also call it a Bill of Materials or other name.

In DocBoss, you translate (upload) your customer’s VDR into our document requirements screen. We then use this critical data to help you define the specific registers required on the project, their due dates, and the databooks.

On less formal contracts (or if your customer doesn’t provide VDR), you define your own project requirements. Just because your customers don’t have a formal process, doesn’t mean you won’t benefit for a process of your own!

Whether you’re a supplier who receives vendor documents at the beginning of a project from your customer(s) or if you’re an EPC who must supply them to your vendors, DocBoss can help you save time, decrease errors and reduce the work involved with managing vendor documentation.

Take a look at our Comparisons Page that shows some key differences between DocBoss and other document control options you might use.

Feel free to contact us to set up a free online demo to see how DocBoss can help you.