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Let us explain your mistakes!So here you are. As someone who does their best to satisfy their customers, you’ve prepared and submitted your project document register at the start of the project. As you expect, your customer locks it into their DMS (Document Management System). Did you hear a door slam?

But, now that the project is underway, things aren’t exactly the way you’ve defined them. Maybe you expected every tag to have its own datasheet, and now you find that some datasheets refer to 2 tags <horror!>… what do we do now?

Introducing “the Merge”.

DocBoss now allows our users to connect multiple registers to a single document. We do all of the tracking, so the next time you send the document index to your customer, it will explain the sordid details of your adjustments. In fact we maintain a “register status” to identify when registers have been merged, among other register info.

So go ahead, make mistakes! We’re here to make sure you don’t have to explain yourself.