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Does your customer include the revision number in their actual document number? If so, DocBoss can help you to essentially keep your best practices while still accommodating your customer’s requests even if they don’t match your practices.

For example, your customer gives you this document number: 4531KR-MR-001-01-A

As we know, document numbers and revisions should be treated separately – as revisions change throughout the project but document numbers should remain constant throughout the life cycle of the document.

DocBoss enables you to have a field for the customer document number, as well as a field for a secondary (Customer) revision. This enables you to have two separate document numbers and two separate revision numbers, keeping yours and your customer’s numbers separate and manageable.

Document number should be: 4531KR-MR-001-01 Revision: A

In DocBoss, you can still name the files with the revision number included by pulling both the document number field and revision field into the outgoing file name.

DocBoss Outgoing File Name Format: <DocNo. (Customer)>-<SecondaryRev>.pdf

File name on output: 4531KR-MR-001-01-A.pdf


In order to properly manage document revisions with DocBoss, we suggest the following:

1) Only put the document number in the document number field and the revision in the revision field.

2) If your customer splits out the REV with an underscore or something which allows us to identify the revision, that’s great. If the customer does NOT do this, then you will need to replace the “-” with an “_” in the file name each time so DocBoss can tell where the document number is and where the revision is.