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How can the EPCs that you serve provide better information to you up front before the start of a project?

EPCs should take more care to trim vendor data requirement lists (VDRL), prior to inclusion in RFPs. Supplier experience sees irrelevant document requirements often listed in the VDR.

In some cases, irrelevant lists (based on equipment type) are included in the RFP. Suppliers tend to ignore the lists in those situations, seeing that the requirements are clearly not relevant for the requested equipment.

Suppliers who do invest the time do not feel rewarded, as their list of exceptions appears greatly exaggerated compared to a less vigilant competitor.

A more pragmatic review process for exceptions should be embedded into the EPC process. This has been identified by suppliers as a frustrating and combative process. Even in the case where the bid did include exceptions to VDR items, they are rarely corrected with the issuance of the PO.

A delay in accepting the PO often challenges delivery timelines, while acceptance locks the supplier into a fight with document control. PO revisions for VDR exceptions is rarely an acceptable practice.

Once the vendor has been selected and the PO placed, EPCs should initiate a joint review of the information requested from suppliers.

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