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DocBoss maintains two levels of tags: Major tags and tagged equipment.When it comes to tagged equipment as part of document control work, there are a few key issues that can arise:

  1. Incorrect tagging: Tagged equipment should match the actual equipment on the job site. Incorrect tagging can lead to confusion and potentially unsafe situations.
  2. Missing tags: If equipment is not properly tagged, it can be difficult to identify and track, which can make document control more difficult.
  3. Damaged tags: Tagged equipment that is exposed to harsh environments, such as construction sites, may have their tags become damaged or worn, making them difficult to read.
  4. Lack of standardization: Without proper guidelines in place for tagging equipment, different people may use different methods, which can make it difficult to read and understand the tags.
  5. Loss of Tags: If tags are not properly maintained, they may be lost and that make document control difficult
  6. Data discrepancies: If the data on the tag is not updated regularly, it may not match the information in the relevant documents and can cause confusion and inaccuracies.


To avoid these issues, it’s important to have clear procedures in place for tagging equipment and to ensure that everyone involved in the process is properly trained. Regularly check and update the data on the tags, and make sure that there is a clear system for tracking and maintaining the tags.

Focused largely on tagged equipment, DocBoss minimizes the manual work required to deliver project documentation. Drop us a line to tell us about your documentation concerns and we’ll figure out together how DocBoss can help.