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DocBoss was designed by experience for suppliers of tagged process equipment. Here are 9 reasons why DocBoss could be right for you:

Niche Problem, Niche Solution

DocBoss was built by your industry peers – we know how rigid the rules can be for submitting vendor documentation to engineering companies (and the rejection that comes with it). We guarantee you’ll smile during our demo!

Equipment tags are baked into DocBoss

Every document is linked to one or more pieces of equipment. Providing tag to document information (on cover sheets, indexes or stand alone reports) is part of our core functionality.

Manage all your projects in one single place

DocBoss helps you manage, monitor and control multiple submissions to multiple EPCs from a single point. Track the progress of all documents in progress, and those that have stalled, and submissions made.

Stop worrying about holdbacks

DocBoss helps you complete projects immediately after shipment. Get your final 10% holdback asap, so it doesn’t disappear.

Be free of spreadsheets

Define, track, and monitor projects in the cloud. Don’t be afraid co-workers will wreck your spreadsheet!

Be easy to buy from

Accept any EPC submission format or change with a smile.

Be in control

Monitor the status of any document or submission.

Be More Productive

Escape cover page hell. DocBoss does the clerical stuff, while you focus on collecting and expediting (and the next quote, and change orders, and inspectors, and …)

No Upfront Investment

DocBoss is a monthly subscription software as a service (SaaS).  You pay as you go – with no large investment upfront.

Here is another article that discusses the topic of choosing a document control system: 15 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Document Control System