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landing_image_foreground-op2Now that DocBoss can help EPCs and owners receive documentation from their vendors, it’s worth taking a look at specifically how you can make your vendors lives easier while also helping yourself in the process.

Anytime you can streamline your work, reduce the amount of paper you pass around and generally do vendor documentation better, both you and your vendors will notice the difference. Plus, your vendors will be happy due to how DocBoss makes it easier to submit their documents to you.

Here’s show DocBoss helps both you and your vendors:

No duplication of documents

DocBoss ensures documents aren’t duplicated even in the case of re-submission of documents, something that often plagues projects.

Validate submissions

When your vendors have uploaded their documents and you are ready to submit them, you can validate each one first to ensure they are correct. And if you notice errors? Since DocBoss is a shared environment, you have the ability to either correct the information or push the document back to the vendor for correction.

Reduce your vendors’ workload

The last thing vendors want is more work. DocBoss does the opposite. Vendors no longer need to add front sheets to any document nor do they need to generate transmittal sheets or prepare index spreadsheets. Less work on the part of your vendors = happier vendors. Plus the documentation you receive from them will be exactly what you require.

Add value to your vendors’ process

Based on our recent survey, few vendors have document submission systems in place. While providing a method to submit documents, DocBoss also provides vendors with up to the minute statuses of all documents, stores all submittal and tracking information, and keeps copies of every version of every document. Customer returns are downloaded directly from the DocBoss portal.

All at no extra charge to your vendors

Your vendors will be more likely to use a vendor documentation system if it helps them and doesn’t cost them money. DocBoss helps vendors save time and effort and costs them no money with no extra work on their part.

Learn more about how DocBoss makes vendor documentation easier here.