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Use Multi-Factor Authentication for UsersWhile in the recent past, security was the number one concern for most people when considering use of a web-based application, current concerns tend to focus on functionality, scalability, usability with other applications and things of that nature.

Security is still an important consideration of course, that’s a given. But users want to ensure that the web-based apps they use balance security while still offering the same if not better functionality than their chosen desktop apps do.

DocBoss continually updates functionality for all users including security components. Here are some recent changes we’ve made that are available to all customers.

Permission Security

New permission required to access security settings.

This must be enabled by the DocBoss team, based on direction from the managing user.


User Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is available for all named DocBoss users. For a full description of user side MFA, seeĀ this page

Submittal Recipient Multi-factor Authentication

You can also enable MFA for your submittal recipients. For a full description of recipient side MFA, seeĀ this page

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