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If you find that your customers increasingly demand customized documentation, how easy is it for you to handle this work? Customized cover pages are often something that customers request with their documentation.

Here’s how DocBoss helps in that regard.

Add cover page bookmarks to each document

Users who want to bookmark the cover page on outgoing documents can now make that setting on their projects.

SDI Report

On SDI template, if a customer has returned a document twice, prior to you sending another version (i.e. they changed their mind/made a change, and included it on a separate return transmittal), we now show both results in a second row in the excel output.


You can toggle this output on/off for any given card from the history tab “Show in history return”

If this piques your interest, learn more about how DocBoss can help you customize your customers’ work. Set up a free online demo to learn more.