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We regularly make updates to DocBoss in terms of functionality that becomes available for all customers.

This round of updates focuses on compilations or databooks which we’ll discuss below.

Create Package and Compilation Layouts at Instance Level

Users may create different default settings for compilations. These are created at the instance, and are selected on the project template. They are then loaded onto the project. So – if you find yourself always updating the compilation settings, you can now make the change once, and start from that point on each new compilation. 


New option to “Only display relevant equipment in lists”.

If you have order level cards which you have customized to remove some tags, those tags will no longer appear on compilation cover pages.

These are just some of the recent updates we’ve made to DocBoss that are available for all customers. You can always see the latest release by clicking here to visit our support website.

Also, what if you want to change project settings while the project is in progress? You can do that too.