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Managing documentation has always been part of the fabricators’ world. But now there are growing requirements for how to prepare and submit those documents to your customers.

Mill Test Reports (MTRs) of course are a key deliverable. Not only do you have to scan, index and store the MTRs, but the Quality Department builds MTR packages for each drawing. Indexes, cross references to the bill of materials, bookmarks etc. Of course the drawings aren’t static so when the bill of materials changes the work needs to be redone. The circle of life.

Of course managing document requirements from sub-vendors can also be a chore. With so many document requirements for equipment – instrumentation, pumps, motors etc – it’s hard to decide whether to constantly expedite your vendors or simply gloss over the provision of the data.

And when that isn’t enough, then you have to add cover pages and track submissions using customer provided templates.

DocBoss can help. We package MTRs for you. We identify all the MTRs you need, link them, and build all the compilations including cross references to the bill of materials, bookmarks and table of contents. We help you expedite the sub-suppliers, and manage all the document preparation work including cover pages, tags lists and transmittal templates.

DocBoss will also help you complete custom databooks at the end of each project with a few clicks of your mouse.