Prices and Estimates Module (Billing for Document Control)

Is it possible to turn the document control function into a profit center and recoup some/all of the time and effort you spend on documentation for your customers?

Yes. The Price and Estimates module in DocBoss enables you to do just that.

Prices & Estimates is designed to provide a detailed pricing estimate on your project. Once you have set up your required project information (Doc Codes with Levels and Equipment) and the cards have been created, you are ready to begin creating a Quote in the Prices and Estimates screen. 


On the Prices and Estimates screen you will see a number of segments to choose from.

  • # of pages to be printed: Managed from the Code List in the Est. Pages, Printed for Review (copies) and Printed Final columns (copies)
  • $ for CD creation: Managed from the Edit Compilations screen – select CD required and enter the number of CD’s
    • Snag_8134d7.png
  • $ for compilation generation (each book) 0-200 / 201-500 / 501 and over pgs: You can enter the estimated pages in the Est Pages column on the Code List for your compilation codes, or if you have already created an actual compilation DocBoss will use the actual page numbers to select the line in the Price that the book compilation applies too.
  • $ for compilation index generation: Managed based on Doc Code list codes identified as Compilation TOC’s
  • $ for document index generation & $ for document index with submission history generation: Managed based on Doc Code list codes identified as SDI Reports
  • $ per CD: Enter price and quantity directly on the grid
  • $ per doc (mgmt fee): Automatically calculated based on the total number of cards on the project
  • $ per doc (technical review): Managed based on number of Doc Codes with “Tech Rev” selected on the Code List
  • Sub-Supplier Document Charges: Managed in the “Charges” column on the code list. Intended use is to pass on the cost of sub-supplier document charges.
  • Clarifications and exceptions: Add any additional data about the document requirements.



Archive – save a previous version of the pricing information.


PDF – standard output

LaTeX – for integration with 3rd party estimate/quote systems

PO Data – to include with your purchase order – ensures all document fees are properly accounted.

Default Prices

DocBoss allows system administrators to add new pricing segments to the estimates system. Once you create the segment, it will be available to use on all projects. Default prices can be set on the Default Prices from the Administration menu or on the Companies profile for your Customer. Here you can also add additional charges and pricing.



To add a new Segment, click the + and enter your information. This will automatically be added to all Prices and Estimates on all projects.



From Company Menu

Go to custom prices tab.


By clicking “+” in the grid, you can define pricing for a specific company, which will override the system defaults.



To create a Quote

On the Prices & Estimates Actual Prices grid click to (1) Apply charges and (2) save. Then (3) Select the Segments (lines) to include in the quote. Enter any (4) Clarifications and Exceptions then (5) select which version of the Quote output you want to see.


Note: In order to produce a quote document, you must ensure the Estimation template is selected in your project. On the main screen of your project, select which template you will use for the Estimate/Quote document.


Document Requirements additional definitions

  • Tech Review: This field allows you to add a fee for each document (which uses this doc code) to your estimate.
  • Approval Required: On the proposal Doc Code grid, a check in this column will put the word “yes” in the approval column for the Doc Code.
  • Highlight Delivery: If you are using the quote module this column can be checked to highlight delivery discrepancies b/w customer request, and actual delivery expectation. Attention can be called to the discrepancy by the highlight on the output.
  • Charges: If you or your sub-suppliers charge for documents, this feature allows you to group all of you document billing in one location. You can add model numbers, and create pricing. DocBoss automatically determines how many documents should be billed, based on the card and the manufacturer, and adds these prices to the process and estimates output. This option is only available for doc codes using the sub-supplier type.


For further information, click to see our video here.