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Sub-Supplier List and the Sub-Supplier Override

When it comes to the sub-suppliers associated to a given card, the Sub-Supplier List determines search and output text.

When it comes to defining the sub-supplier list there are two options:

  • Auto-defined values
  • An override

Auto-Defined (default)

When using auto-generated cards, each card has a set of equipment linked to it. DocBoss will look up the sub-suppliers on the linked equipment and that defines the sub-supplier list.

Overriding the Default

To override the auto-defined value, simply select the appropriate sub-supplier in the override field. This override will then APPEAR as the new value in sub-supplier list instead of the list of equipment related vendors.

To return to the auto-defined value, simple CLEAR the override value (change drop down to “-Select Sub-Supplier-” and the value will clear, then will use the list of supplier on the related equipment.

Order LEVEL Cards are “Auto-Overridden”

For cards set to the ORDER level, DocBoss automatically sets an OVERRIDE to your company. It is rare that an order level card should be linked to ALL sub-suppliers, so we solve this by setting the override automatically. The user can change this simply by removing the override per above.

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