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Assign Internal (User) Routings to NULL CardsWorkflow functionality is one of the benefits that DocBoss includes for all customers to take advantage of.

Every time a new workflow stage begins, a card is set to NULL status (exceptions exist, but are not typical).

Users may want to assign the card to a specific user, responsible to upload that card.

This is done from the CODE LIST. All cards of the code will receive the same action defaults. Simply select the applicable routing option for the specific code.

You can choose to assign a default action ONLY on the first stage, or for every stage in the workflow (i.e. if you have workflow of IFA/IFC/Final, maybe you want an action created for a user at the start of every stage).



NOTE: You can define these settings in bulk – i.e. if 5 codes have the same settings, you can simply apply the setting in bulk (vs clicking each row etc).

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