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logoDo you often work with customer-supplied templates that you’re expected to adhere to when supplying documentation at the end of the project?

DocBoss can help you work with whatever templates you are given. In fact, you can upload custom templates for Document Registers/Indexes, Document Front/Cover sheets and Transmittals depending on the need.

Here are some specific regarding each:

Document Register Templates

DocBoss can generate reports using your customers’ templates which is very helpful when dealing with companies whose document requirements are very rigid. AMEC is often mentioned by DocBoss customers as being a company that uses a very rigid template.

With DocBoss, you can create the output formats based on your customers’ specific requirements. If your customers have templates that they want filled in, DocBoss will fill out the templates as needed. You can’t ever forget to update the document register with DocBoss because it automatically updates the VDRL for you.

Cover/Front Sheets

DocBoss adds customized front sheets on every outgoing document and automatically populates these cover sheets using the template from your customer. We fill in equipment numbers (tag number, module numbers), display the SDRL codes, add cover pages to all outgoing documents and add a 3D bar code (QR code) so we can scan it and keep track of where each document is at all times.

We add the QR code to link it back to the document register when documents are returned. It’s an optional feature that you don’t need to use but it’s always there if required.


DocBoss creates custom transmittals to save you time, eliminate errors and reduce holdbacks. DocBoss will create transmittal summaries using your customer template if they’ve given you one to use. You can also save your databook layouts so that they can be used on multiple projects. You can then email your documents directly from DocBoss using a distribution list or download a zip folder to be uploaded to your customer’s portal.

Here’s another templates article that might interest you to help you learn more about how they work within DocBoss and how to take advantage of them: Template Updates To DocBoss For You To Use