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Your document controller just quit in the middle of a project…

“One of my document controllers just quit! How can I figure out where they were at with the project?”

As a project progresses – especially a long one – the chance that one or more of your project members will leave your company or move to a new role within your company increases.

And the chance that the same thing occurs on the other side of the project at your customer’s business increases, too.

Obviously you have no input on that but it can still cause difficulties and more work if your document control procedures are lax or non-existent.

How can you manage the project seamlessly and ensure that it proceeds smoothly when a staff member inevitably leaves?

Losing a staff member can be hard on a team, but even harder if you need to also figure out what was and wasn’t already done. If you are using the old-school Microsoft Excel tracking and folder structures for keeping files, we know consistency isn’t everyone’s forte so figuring out the current status of everything isn’t as easy as you’d hope.

Perhaps the recently departed staff member filed their documents differently than others or forgot to do it.

How will you find the latest files? What version is correct and which one is out of date is a question that often arises during projects even when all project members are still there.

Do you know what has been sent to your customer if the Excel sheet wasn’t up to date on the day they left? 

And which document(s) is waiting on approval?

So many questions…Who can answer them all?

If you’re using DocBoss, there’s no need to dig around for information. Everything is in one place including all the files and the metadata. All history of each document is easily accessible, as well as the current status of every document.

Every DocBoss user is a named user too so you can always tell which document was amended by which person.

This takes the guesswork out of where you’re at on a project regardless of who is working on it.

And if the project is put on hold for a period of time, DocBoss helps you pick up where you left off.

Take a look at the short video below for an overview of how DocBoss helps you get a better handle on document control.

Tip: If you’re in the process of setting up a document control department and don’t know where to start? Check out our article called What Makes A Good Document Controller to learn about skills and experience that quality doc controllers possess.