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In DocBoss, “card” is the term we use for a placeholder for the actual documents themselves. It’s like a file folder, if you will. A card contains all of the history and revisions of a particular document, as well as the most current version of the document and its metadata.

Document Codes are the “Type” of documents you’ll be expecting to receive on a project, once you set the level indicating how many of each type of document on the doc code (for example order level means you’re expecting only one document/card for the entire order/project), DocBoss can then create the correct amount of cards. You will then upload the actual document onto the card.

Codes vs Cards in DocBoss

Here is the difference between a Document Code and a Document Card in DocBoss:

Document Code = “Type” of document

Document Card = “Placeholder” for the actual document (starting as a placeholder until the document is uploaded. Once a document is uploaded all the history of that document will live on the card).

Assign active, native AND comment files from the file staging area (multi drag/drop)

When assigning files, if the user multi-selects 2 or more files and drags them onto a card, DocBoss will ask for the destination for each file. This allows you to upload comment and native files into the staging area, and include them to the card with one action.

  1. Select files to assign to the card
  2. Drag files onto card
  3. Select the destination for each file
    • Primary (Active) file
    • Native file
    • Comment file (3 options)

Additional information on cards

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