Reactivate user accounts through UI

Admins can now easily reactivate users’ accounts in DocBoss without needing to reach out to Support.

2023-10-12_17-55-19 reactivate user.png


Import/Export Users via Excel

Admin users can bulk edit existing users using the Excel import/export feature.

2023-10-12_17-59-22 excel import.png

Add comments on bulk assign (bulk matching and auto-reclaim)

With bulk assign, users can now include comment notes and files, similar to when assigning files individually to cards.

2023-10-12_18-16-09 comments on bulk assign.png


More defaults available in Project Template

Additional options have been added to the project field template.

Available at project and template level:

  • Default stage list
  • Default option for the “stamps/cover page” doc code/card field

Available at template level (remaining on project Main screen at project level):

  • Document auto-numbering format
  • Submittal numbering format
  • Outgoing file name format

Ad-Hoc Cover Page option

When making ad-hoc submittals, users can choose from the following cover page options:

  • No cover pages
  • Send exactly as last received/submitted
  • Apply target cover page


Excel option for Expediting report

Users can choose between HTML and Excel format for expediting reports.


Library queries

There’s now more options to the library query function, such as wildcard characters, for greater flexibility when attaching library documents to cards in bulk.


Export card history for a project

From the Index Reports & Compilations screen within a project, users can export the history for all cards on the project.

Filter by Internal Code for Project Metrics report

An additional filter has been added to the Project Metrics report to allow users to filter by Internal Code.


Option to add received comment pages

Received comment pages can be enabled in compilations. (Typically, these are excluded.)

2023-10-12_18-46-22 received comment pgs.png


Custom FROM email address per project

The Email FROM Address can now be entered as a custom email address per project.

2023-10-12_18-48-48 email from address per project.png

Option to add user as CC/BCC to the submittal emails

Users can choose their email inclusion preference under User Profile > Defaults for submittals they send, whether it’s CC, BCC, or not at all.

2023-10-13_16-49-59 add me to cc list.png

Templates and variables

New variables for email templates

The following variables are now available in email templates:

Outgoing file name format date formatting options

The “date_format” parameter can now be used within the outgoing file name format.

Excel parameter to show changes on SDI report

A new parameter in document templates can highlight changes in data since the last SDI report submission.

User Interface

Rename default tagged equipment fields

In Project Template > Equipment Fields, “Model” and “Tag” fields can be renamed.

Filter Project List by pending submittals

The Project List now includes a checkbox to filter pending submittals to customers, making it easy to see which projects have documents ready to go out to customers.

2023-10-13_16-47-43 Filter by pending submittal.png