Using an email address from your domain (Important!)

For DocBoss to send email using your normal email address ( instead of, you must enable both SPF and DKIM records on your domain. These settings are required to minimize the risk of messages being trapped as spam by your customers. Without them the receiver thinks DocBoss is spoofing your address and the message is marked as spam.

This is a job for your IT department – it must be done on your corporate domain registry.


When mail is received, the recipients mail server often checks to see it the sender is legitimate, or if it is faking your domain address (phishing).

A Sender Policy Framework record (SPF record) is the mechanism used to provide the authorization. Your IT department must tell the world that DocBoss is permitted to send email using your email address.

For the IT department

Recommended way is to add

in the SPF record of your domain name.

The result should look like this (depending on whether there are other SPF records already)

v=spf1 ~all

Alternatively the SPF entry may be entered as:

where is your login location. If you use system2, system3 or system4 for logging in, then update this record to:

i.e. (where # is 2,3 or 4).


DKIM is a secondary check that the email is authentic. A digital signature is added to the email, and validated by the recipient. It is an extra step to ensure the emails are received by your recipient.

For the IT department

Add a record to your DNS settings, selecting CNAME as the record type.

Label/Host field:
(generally you don’t need the <your-domain-name> component)

Destination/Target/Points to field:

Another way to phrase this:

docboss._domainkey.<your_domain> with value


There are various tools available to do test checks for those records.
You can check using the nslookup from the windows command tool
nslookup -type=txt YOURDOMAIN.COM
(check for the SPF record here)
nslookup -type=cname docboss._domainkey.YOURDOMAIN.COM
(Check for DKIM here)
There are various free webtools also available, like Mxtoolbox:

You are welcome to contact our support if you would like us to validate your domain, or, lastly you can try to send a message from DocBoss, and we will validate on the send.

Here’s another email related article that might interest you: Setting the FROM: Email Address In DocBossxf

And if you want to set the FROM address on a project by project basis, you can do that, too.