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August 2023 Release NotificationDocBoss is happy to announce our latest release for August 2023. All updates are now available for all DocBoss customers.

You can view all current and past releases by visiting our DocBoss release database. All releases come with descriptions and screenshots to show you how to take advantage of the new benefits.

Here are the highlights for the latest release.

New Viewer functions

Viewer Navigation

  • Scroll (vertical) via mouse scroll
  • Zoom via CTRL+mouse scroll (or use drop-down on top)
  • Pan via SHIFT+mouse scroll (horizontal scroll)
  • CTRL+0 to return to 100% zoom
  • Grab tool allows user to move file in viewer.
  • Full screen available by hiding the side panel, or CTRL+M


New Markups

  • New markups include Text, TextBox and Callout.
    • Note we have indicated they are in BETA. Please review files created for submittal prior to sending to your customer.
  • Change properties of the annotations one placed on screen (line width/color, text size/color)
  • Move/resize annotations
  • Colleagues can add feedback. This will be added as “reply” text in pdf outputs. The feedback is a single text box.


Working with side panel (display info or markup tab)

  1. click the markup icon in the side panel margin
  2. to hide/show full screen, click the arrow, or type CTRL+M
  3. change width of side panel



Adding Markups

  1. click markup tool (callout in this case)
  2. click start point for drawing the annotation
  3. enter text into callout box. After leaving the annotation (click anywhere on file), the markup reference box appears in the side panel with the same text
  4. if desired – any user can add feedback. This will be displayed alongside the annotation in the final PDF output, and also available internally when looking at the file
  5. to zoom, can use CTRL+mouse scroll, or can change zoom level at top. CTRL+0 resets to 100%.
  6. pan horizonally using scroll bar, SHIFT+mouse scroll, or grab tool.
  7. other markup in reduced view
  8. markup panel icon with dots indicated the panel includes some markup




History screen update

All comments and markup information is displayed below the view in the history screen (below the file). Note that when clicking COMPARE on the assign/viewer screen, we will now open a history view screen to show the appropriate data. It is now also possible to view comment files also (if PDF).



Annotation: The vector graphic drawn on the file

Markup: The annotation plus with associated text and feedback.

Feedback: Text added by users (inside a markup) which will appear as a reply in PDF output. It will be linked to the markup. This may be useful replying to customer annotations when uploaded to DocBoss.



Comment: Reserved for text added at the card level. This text is entered on the INFO tab. Comments can also be uploaded as a file. Markup is the term for annotations and text applied directly into the file.