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Customizing The User Profile Function in DocBossThe User Profile allows you to set specific values only for your user account, such as signature, landing page options, email notification and warnings messages.

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User Info

This tab contains basic information like your name, email and address. All users must represent a single person.

Select Colour: All markups by this user will appear in the selected color. The squares with a white person icon are in use by other users.

Any data fields with an asterisk (‘*’) are mandatory.


System Access

Email, Role and Password

The users email address is the login value for system access.

Your administrator will have defined your role. For additional information on roles, check here: User Roles.

Users may update/change their passwords from this screen.



Affiliate Settings

For customers using Affiliates in DocBoss, by default, new users will get full access (still limited by their role type) to all affiliates that the user creating them has access to. The option to limit access to specific affiliates is only available under the Edit screen (available only after a new user is saved).


For more information, see Enable Affiliate Permissions for a User.


Signature and Initials

Sometimes customers request signatures or handwritten initials to be included on their cover sheets. Once uploaded, these files can be used on all the projects where this is required.

To create a the files, simply sign a piece of paper, and take a photo of it.

To upload, just drag and drop the images in the applicable field.



Edit the behavior for various system settings. In many cases, these settings are defaulted from your role, but can be overridden in this section.

Dashboard settings

– Dashboard Landing Page – You can choose the first page that you want to see on your dashboard.



Default Card Layout

For more information about “Incomplete with us” in your project dashboard click go to Project Dashboard Overview and Tile Layout.


Project Settings

Project Landing Page: Allows you to choose the first screen you see when accessing a project.

CSV Delimiter: Each user may define the separator to use. Typically, they will want to match the settings from EXCEL.

Grid Settings: It is possible to copy all grid settings from another user. Generally only users when launching a new user.

250 rows per grid: By default, the system shows a maximum of 100 rows per grid. This is generally to make page loading faster. The option exists to display up to 250 rows, but performance may suffer.


Email Notifications

Enable/disable the automated emails which are sent from DocBoss. Additional options appear for Lists and Reports where you can select how you want to receive the different reports.



Warnings are pop ups that show up in DocBoss. You may choose to disable some standard system warnings if you find them to be a nuisance.