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Perhaps the following statement from Vishal Tripathi – who is Principal research analyst at Gartner Inc. – resonates with you in terms of your company’s documentation work:

Voluminous growth in data, compliance and regulatory issues, the need for a faster decision-making process and requirement for a contingency plan for any disaster and security issues are the factors driving the adoption of DMS (Document Management System).

Your customers are more likely to require you to deliver massive amounts of custom documentation at the ends of projects than ever before. Possibly you need to do this work with less staff too. It becomes incumbent upon companies to ensure they’re doing everything they can to use technology and processes that help them deliver this documentation in the most efficient way possible.

A document control system like DocBoss can not only help to increase your efficiencies but it will reduce your paper usage, improve security and user controls and keep your customers happier as well. It’s a great way to separate yourself from your competitors, too.