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Helpful Benefits Of DocBoss SubmittalsDocBoss enables you to customize and complete entire submissions to your EPC customers at the end of projects regardless of how they’d like it customized.

Here are several great aspects of submittals within DocBoss that you can use to make this work easier to get a handle on.

Email notifications for failed submittals

If an email has not-allowed characters, or if the mail server doesn’t work, or if the attachment size is bigger than the size limit set on the project, a notification will be sent informing about the error.


Download original uploaded files

All files uploaded in DocBoss go through a process of flattening. If the originally uploaded files are needed (without flattening), they can be downloaded from any Edit processing screen:



Non-standard characters supported in Header/Footer

All non-standard characters such as other languages, are now supported in headers and footers.