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In DocBoss, choosing the correct level for each document code is crucial. It allows DocBoss to build the correct document register which in turn shows you exactly what to be expecting for documents on a project. Easy if it’s one document for the entire Order, the level then is “Order”.

Other easy examples would be tag level documents, typically we know we’ll be expecting one data sheet per tag, therefore we would select the level for Data Sheets as “Tag”.

Things get a bit more complicated once you start getting into other types of documents.

What level should you choose for a massive dump of IOM’s when you’ve only been given a list of applicable tags for each IOM? You can try using a query if the IOM’s coordinate with the item/model numbers.

But what if it’s still not clear enough…

If you’re struggling to determine which IOM belongs to which piece of equipment but know the tag #’s associated with each IOM – I would suggest adding a custom column to your equipment list for this very reason. You can call it IOM, then identify the applicable tags that way. Then set the level to “IOM” and watch DocBoss create the exact number of cards you need.

Alternatively, we have an even better feature called Custom Levels. This allows you to basically teach DocBoss what to look for. A good example of this is if you have 3 different models, XXX, XXY and ZZZ

Another option would be to use a manual level. This is most useful when there is no logical way to break down the level for a document code. Manual cards allow you to create cards as you need them.

If you have questions about choosing the best level for your doc codes, please feel free to reach out to DocBoss support and we will help you make the best decision based on the information you do have.