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All document controllers have seen the customers who don’t provide any direction and have no document numbering requirements. Often, they’ll accept what you send them, named and numbered in any way.

We have also seen the customers who provide the nomenclature with variables for you to follow.

Then there are the customers who provide exact numbers for every document you submit.

Does it make your job easier if the customer provides the actual document numbers or when they lay out the variables to build the numbers, allowing you to assign the sequence?

As we know, document numbers shouldn’t change over the life of a document.

But what if you are including the SDR code as part of the document number and the customer changes the applicable SDR code? Do you renumber the document, or leave as-is?

Can your current system auto-generate document numbers for you? Both yours and your customer’s unique numbers?

In DocBoss we can auto-generate two document numbers, typically your own number as well as your customer’s.

In addition to the two types of auto-generated numbers mentioned above, you can also assign two other document numbers, for example your sub-suppliers and End Users.

If you’d like to continue learning about how DocBoss handles auto numbering, click here to view our article called Document Auto-Numbering Format.