What happens when you submit a document to a customer as completed but then need to amend the doc after it gets returned by the customer?Re-Submit Documents That Have Been Previously Completed (Approved)

When a document it is returned by the customer with a status that haveĀ “stage complete” and this is the last or only stage, the cards it is marked as complete.

Check out the graphic below that shows the Status Group column describing how the document is treated at this point.


Once a card it is marked as complete, there is no further workflow expected.

If there is a new file uploaded and assigned to a completed card, the system will just replace the last assigned file with the most recent one but the status of the card will remain unchanged.

If it is required to re-submit a completed card to the customer, first the status of the cards should be modified to NULL or to X.

– Set to NULL – if there will be a new file uploaded and assigned to the card

– Set to X – Required for Order but Initial Submission not yet made – if the last assigned file to the card should be sent to the customer (in this case the card will be automatically placed in the Outgoing Submittals).