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vessels-tanks-skidsIf you produce vessels, tanks or skids, you already understand the complexity and growing importance of documentation produced for customers at the end of projects. Companies involved in the fabrication of metal vessels and tanks typically have roles dedicated to document control. Similar to the pump suppliers, a key component of the role is the expediting of internally produced documentation.

Documents that you typically produce may include:

  • Engineering drawings
  • Internal testing documents
  • Detailed management and packaging of material certificates
  • Vendor documents (drawings and tests) from sub-suppliers.

Here’s how DocBoss can help.

Route Documents as Required

You can assign all returned documents to a workflow so that the correct staff member can address them in a timely fashion. Track each document to ensure staff are following up as required.

Project Tracking At All Times

The DocBoss dashboard provides an overview of each project, and a summary of the current progress. With a quick glance, project managers can review the number of documents which are overdue, and can click through to get a list of those documents. Learn about issues you need to resolve before your customer does.

Create Mudbooks with Ease

Create custom mudbooks/databooks with a few clicks of your mouse. Create one mudbook per project or create a book for each major tag if required. Create each mudbook based on the criteria your customer specifies.

Manage Time-Sensitive Work

When working with fabricated equipment, the ship date is of utmost importance. DocBoss helps you define the original due dates and then works based on turnaround times to update the dates as part of the progress of the submission process.

To learn more about how DocBoss helps fabricators like yourself, please visit our Vessels, Tanks and Skids page.