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When a project is in progress (equipment/cards are linked to major tags), the Major Tag module cannot be disabled.

Here is what the view looks like inside DocBoss:


Generally, if you no longer need the major tags, it is easier to simply leave them in place, just don’t use them as levels etc. It has very little impact.

If you DO want to disable the module (maybe you are just starting the project), you should follow these steps:

** NOTE: Several of these steps will push documents to obsolete, remove cards, etc. Our suggestion for existing projects is to simple leave the module enabled.

  1. Change all codes with level=major tag to a different level option (any cards with history will be moved to obsolete).
  2. Inactivate all items in the Tagged Equipment List.
  3. Edit any manual cards so they are no longer linked to major tags (change to link to tagged equipment units)
  4. Delete all entries in the Major Tag List.
  5. Disable the Major Tag module (it should now be possible)
  6. Re-upload the equipment list without the links to major tags. Click here to read the complete article about how to add Equipment List.