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What if you upload files to DocBoss that don’t match with any card?

If the uploaded files don’t match with any card, we show you an error in the top area of the matching screen. 

You can check the cause by hovering over the error symbol.



If the description is: “Files doesn’t match any active card in Project”, and the file name is accurate, take a look at the split parameter. The split parameter cuts the filename into little pieces based on the parameter. 

For example, if your document number is: P7564-PO018-400-30-BOM-0010_A1 and your split parameter is “-“, DocBoss tried tries to match the data between each hyphen, which doesn’t match the doc number, so it fails. 

We try to match:

P7564 OR PO018 OR 400 OR 30 OR BOM OR 0010


In this example the correct split parameter that we should use is “_” because the system will take all the information before and after the underscore:

i.e. P7564-PO018-400-30-BOM-0010 OR A1

Of course, A1 is not a doc number, so it doesn’t match anything and is discarded, BUT P7564-PO018-400-30-BOM-0010 DOES match a document number.


Further understanding of the SPLIT PARAMETERS

Additional examples of split parameters as follows:

Parameter: “-“
File Name: J02-12341-1234-134-134-Code-A
1) J02
2) 12341
3) 1234
4) 134
5) 134
6) Code
7) A

If you have an underscore instead between the number and the Code-A you get:
Parameter: “_”
File Name: J02-12341-1234-134-134_Code-A
1) J02-12341-1234-134-134 [this will match]
2) Code-A

If you get a bit creative (if all files have -Code-XXX), you can use more than one character for the match:
Parameter: “-Code”
File Name: J02-12341-1234-134-134-Code-A
1) J02-12341-1234-134-134 [This will match]
2) -A

Note: If DocBoss cannot locate the split parameter you’ve chosen, it will run the match on the entire text. 

What if: 

Your customer includes the revision number in the document number with no “split” to differentiate between the document number and the revision? 

File Name: 4531KR-MR-001-01-A

Card Document Number: 4531KR-MR-001-01

As long as you have the document number and revision in separate fields in DocBoss, the split parameter for this case is: “-A”

1) 4531KR-MR-001-01 [This will match]

2) -A

However, if your customer has included the revision as part of their actual document number and you’ve copied that number into the card list, the bulk match won’t work without you editing the file names each time they come in. 

File Name: 4531KR-MR-001-01-A 

Card Document Number: 4531KR-MR-001-01-0

You will need to edit the File Name: 4531KR-MR-001-01-0 to exactly match the card document number.

In this case, we strongly suggest you use the revision column. The Document number should be 4531KR-MR-001-01 and the revision should be 0. This way you could run the matching.

For more on bulk matching see, Matching cards in Bulk Process and Bulk Processing for Incoming Documents