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Excel Parameter to Show Changes on SDI ReportA new parameter, FormatOnChange[cell], is available for document index (SDI report) templates. This parameter highlights changes in data since the previous SDI report submission.


This can be used for any variables that have the FormatOnChange[cell] parameter listed on the template instructions file.


To apply this formatting to a document index template, first include the desired formatting (color & font) for updated cells in a separate cell as reference.

List this cell inside the parameter. For example, the parameter should be written as <DocumentsByIndex.Title|FormatOnChange=A1> if the reference formatting is in cell A1.



How it works

When using this parameter in variables, if the document that contains the SDI is returned with comments from customer, once the changes are applied and the SDI is re-generated from the card, all changes will be highlighted per the format set in the cell referenced in the parameter.