How to get here:

These options are only available from the Manage Users screen.

  • To Add: Above the grid, click Add User.
  • To Edit: Click the edit icon (tools column) for the specific user.
  • To Reactivate: if a user who previously had access to the instance needs to be activated again, please contact with the request. Reactivating an inactive user is only available through the DocBoss support team.

The interface will slide into the screen. Expand all to see all required fields.

User Info

Add the basic information for the user. All users must represent a single person.

Select Colour: All markups by this user will appear in the selected color. The squares with a white person icon are in use by other users.


System Access

We suggest entering the users email address as the Login name to ensure it is unique.

Roles are already established. If you need more information about what each role means you can find it in Definition of the Roles.



Affiliate Settings

If using affiliates, access per affiliate can be configured when setting up a new user, or changed for existing users. For more information, see Enable Affiliate Permissions for a User.

When upgrading a user role to full, affiliate permissions will be removed, and must be added back. Note that an admin user can only add affiliates to which they also have access. Admin users with the security permission have full access to add all affiliates.

On downgrade (from full to review/view), affiliates are not affected.

Default User settings

Edit the behaviour for various system settings. In many cases, these settings are defaulted from your role, but can be overridden in this section.


Email Notifications

Enable/disable the automated emails which are sent from DocBoss. Additional options appear for some of the settings.



You may choose to disable some standard system warnings if you find them to be a nuisance.